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Upgrade to ClubElite or ClubVIP Status
"Supersize" your PlayWithTay membership to ClubElite , or just "Go large" with ClubVIP . Either way, get powerful features, incredible deals, and the very best of PlayWithTay! Click either of the above links to review all the benefits and features of the exclusive ClubElite level, or ClubVIP status, and if you like what you see, upgrade your existing account immediately with one click of your mouse!
Manage Your Elite/ClubVIP Account Settings
Got a new email or ICQ address? Need to change your password? Want to manage your "Favorite Webcam Models" lists? Want to revise this and other account information? Interested to see how many points you've accumulated in the PlayWithTay Rewards program? Click the above link for our double-secure form.
Elite/VIP-only Concierge
As a ClubVIP member, you get access to exclusive customer service from PlayWithTay, including your own private toll-free tech support number, your own private toll-free customer service number, your own private email address, and the name and contact info of your own personal account representative! Click the above link for all this exclusive information.
VIP Features
Favorite Models and Private Collection are only available to VIP Members. Upgrade your account and get the most from your PlayWithTay experience with up to 20 amazing premium features! Learn more.
ClubElite and VIP Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)
Got a question? We've probably got the answer. And it's just a click away . . .
Preferred Customer Agreement
There's one important benefit that all PlayWithTay customers get, whether you are a basic-level customer or a ClubVIP member or an ultra-exclusive ClubElite-status member, and that's account security and protection. If, like most fans of PlayWithTay, you like PlayWithTay so much that you find yourself spending more time on PlayWithTay than just about any activity, give yourself a hand -- you're a PlayWithTay fanatic!

Trouble is, we've had a very small number of instances where a 'PlayWithTay fanatic' was so active in his usage, his account was being used 24 hours per day, seven days per week! It turned out he had accidentally shared his password with a "friend", who shared it with two friends, who shared it with two friends ... well, you get the idea. For this reason, iFriends' automated account-protection security systems have 'safety triggers' that occasionally suspend a customer account based upon suspicious activity, until the customer contacts us to confirm security details and release the suspension.

To avoid this potential inconvenience, and further protect the integrity of your account information, we urge you to send us the optional "Preferred Customer Form" (PCA form) It's quick and it's free, and once received and approved by PlayWithTay, your account can be used free and clear, without possibility of interruption, ever. Of course, all the safety features remain active on your account -- the only difference is that instead of automatically suspending your account when excessive activity is observed, we send you a friendly notification e-mail instead!

All users participating in our interactive community are responsible for their own communications. Uploaders are solely responsible for the content they post and any conduct they depict while using this Service. Subscribers are responsible for ensuring that their use of this service will not, in any way, be exposed to or accessible by minors or non-consenting adults. To learn more about our community, see our Code of Conduct.

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